Homeowner Documents

Pointe Retreats Declarations

Pointe Retreats Declarations authorized the development of our village by the developer.

Pointe Retreats By-laws

Created to transfer ownership of Pointe Retreats from the developer to homeowners, PRHOA By-laws cannot be replaced or edited by the PRHOA Board, but can be amended by a majority vote of homeowners.

PRHOA Handbook

The Pointe Retreats Homeowners Association Handbook includes rules and regulations set forth by PRHOA board members. The PRHOA Handbook can be changed, edited and/or replaced by current board members, at their discretion, without a majority vote of homeowners. Board members are homeowner volunteers who can be removed or replaced at the end of their term.

Eagle Pointe Security Handbook

Security rules and regulations for the Eagle Pointe community.

Pointe Retreats Board Meetings